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Before procuring a general pest control service contract for your organization or business, it pays to know what to ask for and what to consider when you are sourcing for pest control services. This ensures you obtain a maintenance plan that best meets your needs, rather than simply accepting what the vendors propose. It also allows you to define the requirements of the maintenance programme so that you can get proposals that you can fairly compare.

Pest Control Services in Singapore

There are about 300 NEA-approved pest control companies in Singapore. If you were to ask for a proposal for general pest control management from them, you would most likely get 300 different proposals. In general, we encourage companies to know what they need before seeking quotations as this ensures you pay for only what you need, and it also allows you to obtain quotations that you can fairly compare since they are for the same set of requirements.

Top Tip: Always ensure that the pest control company you contract from and the chemicals they use are registered with NEA. A list of current registered companies as well as approved chemicals is found on NEA's website here: http://www.nea.gov.sg/public-health/vector-control/overview

Considerations for pest control services

Some key points that you should think about when looking for pest control services:

  1. Locales and Operating Hours
  2. Scope of Work
  3. Certifications
  4. Reporting
  5. Track Record
  6. Contract Period, with Optional Extensions
  7. Site Survey
  8. Validity of Proposal
  9. Waiver of Liabilities

To help you understand these considerations in greater detail, we have prepared a “B2B Pest Control Procurement Guide” that you can download below. It covers each of the above points and may serve as a template in preparing your RFQ/Tender Document.

Bear in mind that in general, the more you require of the company, the higher the price would go.

If you're looking for pest control services today, TenderBoard's marketplace platform can manage this sourcing for you to ensure that you cover the bases as well as get the best deals with reputable companies competing for your business.