Webinar: Applied Data Analytics for GeBiz

About this Event
The Singapore government has budgeted an estimated spending of over S$83 billion in the 2020 financial year, much of which are through GeBIZ. If you could secure even just 0.01% of this spending on GeBIZ, it would mean a substantial revenue of over millions for you.

The GeBIZ platform is the best platform to clinch tender these lucrative projects. It not only a platform providing direct access to do business with the Singapore government, but also a repository of business data that the public can access to find out more about the various markets. Not many people realise that such information are critical in helping them in the following key areas:

  • acquire insights into their competitors’ profile
  • identifying the right opportunities
  • develop the best strategy to clinch those opportunities

In partnership with Rick Chong, an industry practitioner with over 18 years of experience in procurement and supply chain, TenderBoard’s CEO will be share the importance of real-time data in building a winning strategy for suppliers.

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