Benefits of cloud based procurement

2020 is a year of change. The pandemic has significantly accelerated digital transformation in companies, forcing many companies to move much quicker to adopting online tools.

Companies see the importance of cloud to ensure business continuity. However as the world recovers and we physically return to the workplace, companies need more reason on why they need to move to a cloud based procurement.

1.  Flexible Functionality

There is a common misconception that cloud based procurement is for large enterprises. In fact, cloud based procurement offers flexibility for business of all sizes. Cloud offers flexibility for small businesses looking to scale their growth and possibilities to customise the features to meet the business requirements.

It also allows seamless integration without the need for heavy lifting.


2. Cost Effectiveness

A cloud based solution means you do not need to invest in any hardware. In fact, you can register for a free trial and experience the solution before paying for the license. In addition, it allows modification to meet the needs and budget of your business.

Overall, cloud procurement has proven to reduce the overall cost and time for many businesses.


3. Always up to date

One of the common concerns we hear from businesses is “I don’t have a dedicated IT team to handle the updates required”. With cloud procurement, you do not have to worry about any manual updates, hardware upgrades or troubleshooting errors.

TenderBoard provides a cloud procurement solution and updates are pushed automatically over the internet. We ensure the maintenance, regular software updates and server security measures. Leave the worries to us – we’ve got them covered!


4. Access to Networks

Regardless of where your departments or teams are located, you can access the eProcurement system from anywhere with an internet connection. All approvals and information is updated real time on the cloud, reducing errors and inaccuracies. Businesses can gain full control and transparency into the procurement process, ensuring governance without the need to be physically present.

With cloud, businesses can also seamlessly integrate with the Finance System to manage your available budget, keep track of outstanding purchase orders, receive and reconcile invoices online.


Making The Switch To Cloud

There is no one size fits all. Businesses need to decide what matters to them. With cloud solutions, the benefits, as well as possibilities, are endless.

Speak with one of our consultants and get started with a free trial today!

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