Submitting Proposals/Quotations on TenderBoard

Invited to submit a proposal on TenderBoard? Watch the video or follow the steps below to submit your proposals to your customers!


a. When invited to participate on TenderBoard, you will receive an email with a summary of the deal and a link to retrieve the details and submit their proposal.

b. When submitting a bid for a searched tender on TenderBoard, click on the tender title in the search page.

c. When you’ve clicked on the email link or tender title, you’ll be brought to a page with tender details, and you can submit your bid.

You could Ask a question, Register for briefings (if needed), Decline to Quote, and Submit their proposal.

d. When “Submit your bid” is clicked on, you will be brought to the bid submission page. Fill up the required information, which has been marked in red below.

Submission Options

  1. Currency: Select your preferred currency for your quotation
  2. Unit Pricing: Insert the unit price for your product
  3. Quantity: Input the total quantity you’re quoting for
  4. Awarded Value per Win: Total dollars awarded over total tenders won
  5. Add Additional Proposed Item: If you wish to propose different or additional items in the quotation, include the product in new item lines here
  6. GST checkbox: Be sure to check this if there is GST
  7. Contact Information/Additional Details: Fill in details for your proposal, and include notes to buyers if any
  8. Add Quotation: Upload your quotation here
  9. Add Another File: Upload any supporting documents for your proposal here
  10. When you are ready to submit, click on “Preview” to go to the preview page where you can check the entered information before submission.

e. When ready to submit, click on “Confirm”.

f. After submitting bid, you’ll be brought a summary page letting you know the bid has been submitted.

g. You will also receive an email confirming that your proposal has been received.

And that’s it! If you face any issues, reach out to our customer success team below.

To learn more on how to maximise your TenderBoard account to help you win more deals, check out our Ultimate Tendering Guide.

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