Registering for Site Showround/Briefing on TenderBoard

Follow these steps to register for a siteshowround or site briefing on TenderBoard!

a. TenderBoard notifies on the summary page when there is a site briefing/showround. You can register for the briefing in the tender page.

b. In the tender page, scroll down to “Site Briefing/Site Showround” tab, and click on “Register for briefing”

c. Include your name, contact details and notes to buyer if any, and click on “Register”

d. You can also add briefing/showround details to your calendar. Click on “Add to My Calendar” and select calendar type used.


And that’s it! If you face any issues, reach out to our customer success team below.

To learn more on how to maximise your TenderBoard account to help you win more deals, check out our Ultimate Tendering Guide.

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